Simon Dixon Addresses The Next Generation Of Banking Leaders

Many of you have been asking questions of my mission to reform banking…

…So I thought I would address the main ones here…

After reading between the lines of your questions and trying to get to what you are really asking, here is my summary…

“In plain English Simon Dixon, what banking reforms do you stand for and what exactly are you up to?”

“Are you an evil banker or are you one of us?”

“Are you a greedy capitalist trying to squeeze some money out of banking reform or are you really trying to make a difference?”

So here it is, in plain English…

…What I stand for and what I am doing, so that any time somebody asks me this question, I can simply send them here.

Here Is What I Stand For…

A banking system that does not give banks any responsibility for creating our nations money supply, so that bankers can be bankers and lend real money to people who want to borrow it.

(And pay themselves whatever bonus they want and only piss of shareholders, not the world).

Implementing a system to create money debt free.

(I am not against debt, just money created as debt)

I feel the best way of doing this is to have an independent monitory policy committee who are in charge of supplying our nations money and gifting it to the treasury or taxing it out of existence.

They no longer try to manipulate debt indirectly by controlling interest rates, they simply create or collect debt free money to and from the treasury.

There goal is to eliminate inflation and deflation independent of politics with open and transparent goals.

If they fail they are sacked.

This will be a lot easier than the complexities of manipulating interest rates and employing econometricians to create mathematical formulas that never work anyway.

Here is why you should want this too:

It prevents the perpetual recycling of debt forever to pay of interest on money that does not exist.

It means that companies, individuals and governments do not have to increase their level of debt forever, they simply take on debt as a choice.

It means that countries will stop raping each other for debt free money and leaving the other country in deeper debt forever. (Normally the third world)

It means that banks can get on with banking and not be involved in politics and creating our nations money supply.

It means that we can create a much more fair and stable banking system that is not prone to bank failures and bank bailouts.

Big Claims…?

I believe our current banking system…

(through no conspiracy theory)

…is directly and indirectly responsible for war, poverty and scarcity through debt slavery.

I DO NOT hate banks or bankers…

…I am not a conspiracy theorist…

…I simply believe in making the world better by creating a banking system that works.

What Is Wrong With Banking, I thought it just meant fat cats get paid large bonuses?

Our current banking system means that all countries are continually searching for money that does not exist within their own country, to pay off debt. Consequently countries are competing with each other for debt free money, increasing the likelihood of international dispute and war.

Our current banking system means that countries trade with each other not to add value to each other, but to obtain some debt free money and leave the losing country deeply in debt leading to poverty in third world countries that otherwise would have been resource rich.

Our current banking system creates a nation of people who believe in scarcity of money that brings out the worst in people, causes depression and has a negative effect on how we treat each other.

Our current banking system makes people think that money and business are evil when they both have the potential to deliver so much good and value in the world.

Our current banking system does not allow the great social enterprises like MicroFinance and Social Banking to reach their full potential to serve the world as we rely on banks for the creation of money.

I do not imply that after reform there will be no more war and poverty.

I imply that banking reform gives humans all the tools they need to eliminate war and poverty as a consequence of sacristy of money.

Rather than being guaranteed by sacristy of money, as it is with the current system, it will be a choice.

Here is what I am doing to make it happen:

I have a three-tier strategy.

There are three ways I am making a difference and I dedicate the rest of my life to – Education, Politics & Business.

Here are some details on my three tier action plan:

Firstly Education -

I educate the next generation of banking leaders and finance students as to the problems with our current system (I own the worlds largest training and consultancy company for students and graduates seeking careers in banking and finance – Benedix)

Secondly Politics -

I campaign politicians and government to reform the way money is created (Make the practice of fractional reserve banking illegal, replace debt created money with debt free money in a transition period and implement systems to provide our nation with debt free money). This does not mean ‘no debt’, it means money will not be created as debt.

Thirdly Business -

Create banking systems that are in line with new technological change (My company Metal Monkey Enterprise has a mission to create the worlds largest social banking network, kind of like the ebay for banking where people and businesses lend to each other without a bank as well as helping existing banks transition to banking reform)

So there it is.

That is who I am.

I have a lot of energy…

…I am young (I consider this a strength)

…I have a lot of experience at making seemingly impossible ideas happen…

…If I don’t know something, I have a large network of influential people who have achieved remarkable things and built breakthrough businesses…

…and most importantly, I have an obsessive compulsive disorder that gets me up at 7am in the morning and keeps me going to 2am with a very supportive wife who lets me be so obsessive.

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